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I loved this family the minute Katie and her mom walked in my door. They are the kind of people that you can sit and have a cup of coffee (or a cold beer) with and chat for hours. I could not have been more excited when they chose me to capture Katie & Rob's day.

It rained like crazy (sometimes sideways) on their wedding day but that didn't seem to dampen the mood (pun intended). Rob arrived with a permanent smile planted on his face and his prized procession in his pocket. I asked if he was nervous. He gave me a very confident "no" with a shoulder shrug and went right back to that ear to ear grin. The girls joked and toasted in one of the preschool rooms, reminiscing about the bachelorette party and devising plans of how they would manage to walk in their beautiful shoes all day. Every corner of the church was full laughter. It was a happy day.

Katie's style flourished in the details. Beautiful shoes, gorgeous flowers and even a change of accessories for the reception. Everything, down to the floral collar for their sweet little puppy, was perfect.

They say when you are married, two families are joined as one. I have never seen that to be more true than this wedding. Both families bonded together like they had been best friends for their entire lives.

From beginning to end, the day was full of emotion as the couple shared laughs and tears with their family and friends. As a wedding photographer, I was beyond honored to have captured it all.

Cheers Katie and Rob! To a long marriage full of happy emotions!

<3 Jamie

Ceremony Location: Grace Episcopal Church

Reception Venue/Catering: A Touch of Class

Entertainment: DJ Matt

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